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Passionately brewed in Austin, Texas, County Line Kitchen offers premium home coffee and tea preparation products designed to simplify your daily brew.

Innovative Gear

We offer cold brewers, tea makers, pitchers, and infusers that make it easy to prepare smooth, balanced beverages at home.

Brewing Education

Learn professional techniques and recipes through our in-depth brewing guides, blog posts, and videos.

Product Variety

With constantly updated offerings, we have all the tools and gadgets a home brew lover could ever need.

Welcome to County Line Kitchen – Your Home Brewing Headquarters

We believe the best coffee and tea cups are brewed right at home. That’s why we offer a line of innovative cold brewers, pitchers, infusers, and accessories to help you unlock rich, smooth flavors in the comfort of your kitchen.

As a brand featured on Amazon, our collection of products is designed specifically with the home beverage experience in mind. Browse our Amazon store for all our latest offerings including cold brewers, tea makers, pumps, filters, and more. We’re constantly adding new innovations because we know how a good cup can make your day.

Want to learn how to brew tea and coffee like a pro barista? Head over to our Brewing Guide where we share tips, tricks, and recipes to help you master infusion, timing, ratios and everything in between.

Be sure to follow County Line Kitchen right here or on Amazon to catch new product launches, special promotions and inspiring ideas for elevated everyday brews. We also regularly share posts on our Amazon feed about our newest gear, customer creations and quick how-to’s for getting the most out of your purchase.

We strive to make the joy of homemade beverages accessible for all, from coffee fanatics to kitchen novices. Join us on our brewing journey – we can’t wait to help you make your next great cup!

cold brewers by County Line Kitchen

Cold brewers

The County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows you to effortlessly craft rich, smooth cold brew coffee at home.

pitcher by County Line Kitchen


These versatile County Line Kitchen Pitchers are perfect for serving your favorite beverages with style.

infusers by County Line Kitchen


Infuse your beverages with fresh fruits, herbs, or spices, creating refreshing and unique taste experiences.

County Line Kitchen Cold Brewers – Brew Smooth Cold Brew Your Way

County Line Kitchen offers innovative cold brew kits designed for easy home brewing. Our user-friendly process lets you craft smooth, flavorful chilled coffee that rivals your favorite cafe.

No-Fuss Brewing

Our cold brew system is wonderfully simple. Add grounds, fill with water, steep and store. Our unique flip cup lids fit most mason jars, allowing mess-free brewing and pouring. Enjoy delicious cold brew with no hassle and no leaks.

Built to Last

At the heart of every kit is a durable glass mason jar and heavyweight stainless steel filter. Our jars can withstand daily use and transport without fading or breaking. The rust-resistant mesh filter is exceptionally strong to resist bending or tearing over time.

Engineered for Quality

From the thick soda lime glass to the rolled steel seems, our cold brewers are thoughtfully designed for performance. Brew batch after batch while enjoying the classic charm of mason jar containers. Discover convenience and reliability made for the long haul.

Brew your cold coffee your way with our easy-to-use, built-to-last cold brew systems.

Brew From Anywhere with County Line Kitchen

County Line Kitchen offers innovative products designed for portability and use anywhere life takes you. Our cold brewers, infusers, pitchers and kettles simplify brewing delicious specialty drinks at home or on the go.

Office Break Room

With a County Line cold brew pitcher stored in the fridge, you can enjoy smooth, chilled coffee or tea anytime without leaving your desk.

Camping Trips

Pack a compact County Line infuser in your bag for flavorful trail brews using coffee grounds or loose leaf tea. Our portable gear delivers flavor off-grid.

House Parties

Impress your guests by serving professionally brewed cold brew or tea made right at home using our attractive and easy-to-use beverage makers.

Tiny City Apartments

Our space-saving designs like slim infuser sticks and stackable brewers are ideal for making barista drinks at home even in the smallest city kitchens.

Our clients thought

We recently started using the County Line Kitchen cold brew maker at my cafe, and it’s been awesome. The mason jar design looks super cute in our space and it brews smooth, delicious cold brew every time. The leak-proof lid and stainless steel filter make it perfect for our busy environment. Customers constantly ask about our new cold brew since we started using this product, and sales have gone up so much. I totally recommend it to any cafe or restaurant looking to up their cold brew game. This maker just makes life easier.

Julia Marlowe


We’re all about the details, so having reliable catering equipment is crucial. The County Line Kitchen cold brew maker has become our go-to for events. It’s easy to transport and serve, makes consistent excellent cold brew, and the mason jar design even looks great on beverage stations. Clients love when we serve cold brew from this at meetings, weddings, parties – you name it. It just works flawlessly every time, even when we’re setting up at different venues. Plus it can totally handle fast-paced catering demands. Highly recommended for adding a high-quality touch!

Marcus Wellington

Event Planner

I own a home goods store and decided to sell the County Line Kitchen cold brew maker based on great reviews, and it’s been one of our bestselling kitchen products! Customers love how durable and well-made it feels, especially compared to more delicate coffee makers. They say it makes smooth delicious cold brew at home without any leaking or mess. Many also comment on the portable design being ideal for travel and office use. It’s reliable, easy to clean, brews excellent cold brew, and brings an excitement to our kitchenware section. Really ticks off all the boxes we want in a product!

Sophia Clarke


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